One of the best ways to start out in any kind of sector is to identify the people and organisations that can give you the information you need. These are some of the main players in UK property investing…

Courses & Gurus ( Its OK…None of them claim to be “Gurus” )

Glenn Armstrong is a property millionaire “Guru”. He has numerous development projects running throughout the UK. On his website Glenn also says he has a track record of appearing in the media to talk about property investing. (Gill Fielding)

Gill Fielding advertises regularly in the Standard and has been providing property investing courses for a long time. I have been to the free introduction day and was impressed with the content. (Rob Dix)

These guys seem very professional, offer some free courses on their website and have podcasts and events! Rob Dix a.k.a The Property Geek ( runs this service and its is well worth checking out his advice and in particular the weekly property podcasts. Below is his main book on property investing in the UK…

If you are a beginner property investor…. try this

Rob Jones has set up one of the best online courses in the UK for property investing and backs it up with prompt email support and ready-made investment opportunities to build up a portfolio based on his extensive experience of sourcing property investment deals. Check out the YouTube channel here (opens a new tab).

Other UK property investing training companies that rank high in Google and are well worth checking out include:-

“Do It For You” Property Investment Services

These guys will actually help you build a portfolio as well as teaching you property investment.

Advertised in the evening standard. Specialise in Off market property investment.

Caution. Whenever you invest always do your due diligence. Put the company or individual’s name into Google, followed by ‘scam’ to see what comes up. Research the individual and company on the Companies House gov website to check any record of failed directorships or companies.

Aran Curry (new tab)
Aran provides a range of educational and “Done for you” services. Claims to have helped many people earn good returns investing in property and the testimonials look genuine. Well worth checking out. For some reason, he also seems to have a duplicate site!     Property insight (new tab)

Two other great resources for property investing worth checking out:-

The U.K. landlord community with the largest YouTube channel. If you want to become a landlord or flip properties, you need to join!  Property Tribes YouTube Channel…Click here (Opens new tab) (new tab) Information for landlords as well as a very lively forum.

Other ideas or areas for property investment that have proved profitable so far (2019) (P2P) and (P2P)

They do all of the property investing stuff for you so you don’t even have to go through the process of learning about property, but of course, you don’t then own any properties as such in the same way as if you built yourself a property portfolio. However, a good return can still be made from property with ZERO time spent worrying about property.