If you are just starting out and are more interested in selling products rather than Affiliate Marketing and have no experience selling online, create a free account on these sites and just start listing products you have around the house that you don’t want or need. Get enthusiastic about selling and making some money to start with:-



Craigs List

Gumtree (Good for local sales)

Shpock (Good for local sales and has a good mobile app)

Preloved (www.preloved.com)… Preloved can be perfect for used goods.

The other main strategy for selling online is to find a specific marketplace for the type of product you want to sell. For example, if you want to sell an item of clothing, search for:-

“clothes marketplace online”.

One of the links on the first page of Google will be the ASOS Marketplace at www.asos.com. This is part of the now quite well known and fast growing ASOS fashion site where users can sell their own, new, and used clothing.

Sell/Recycle Old Laptops, Tablets and Gadgets

I have used the following site to convert all of these types of items into cash. There is no point in letting them gather dust until they are literally worthless. They take up space and then you have to dispose of them. Get the value out of them while you can:-