Wealth Dragons: Jon Lee Preaching the Gospel of Wealth Creation

There are now a number of ‘wealth creation’ companies offering services designed at helping people, well, do just that. They are essentially selling wealth education in three main areas:-

  • Business Building & Social Media
  • Property
  • Forex

I previously attended one Jon Lee’s Wealth Dragons free seminars. These aren’t really worth your time. You pick up a few tips here and there, which may show some of the value of what may learn if you take up one of their expensive paid courses, but otherwise, you will just forget the content. The best way to find out if the paid courses are worth it is to research reviews and speak to Wealth Dragons directly about the content and support that is provided for the money you pay for a course.

Just a cursory search on social media turned up a rather large number of negative comments and reviews. I won’t go into the nitty gritty but straight away that is a warning sign for me. Many of the reviews talk about Jon Lee’s motivational speaking skills and selling prowess and that people feel compelled to sign up to one of the paid courses, and that tally’s with my experience of Jon Lee when I attended his free seminar. There were some positive comments & reviews but some of these were definitely contrived and most likely either Wealth Dragon employees or affiliates of some kind who have a vested interest. But hey, some of them might have been genuine reviews where people have made good money implementing the course material. You will just have to dig deeper into the specific course you are interested in, but just remember that any negative reviews and comments for the course are usually not faked.

The other issue I have with Wealth Dragons is the cost of their courses. At the seminar I attended there were property courses ranging from £1000 to £4000 and Online Business / Social Media courses ranging from £400 to £1000.  Whilst there may be some value in having someone actually sit down with you and take you through things step by step, the content for social media marketing can be purchased for much less on Amazon or maybe one of the online course providers for a fraction of the cost.



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